Soft Tissue Grafting

Soft tissue grafts are recommended to stop gum recession and to prevent further dental problems. Soft tissue grafts can also improve the aesthetics of your gum line to improve your smile.Read More »

Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that a periodontist places into your jaw. This implant can then be used by your regular dentist to hold a replacement tooth, bridge or denture.Read More »

Pocket Reduction Surgery

A pocket reduction procedure is recommended when pockets are too deep to clean with daily homecare and professional routine cleanings.Read More »

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and Root Planing can be performed with or without local anaesthetic. The goal of the procedure is to remove as much of the calculus build up on the root surface as possible.Read More »

Functional and Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

Functional crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that recontours the gum tissue and often the underlying bone around a tooth.Read More »

Pre-orthodontic Procedures

Often certain procedures are necessary either before, during or after orthodontic treatment. In all cases, a thorough periodontal examination is necessary prior to orthodontic treatment to either rule out periodontal disease or determine whether any type of soft tissue grafting is necessary.Read More »

Sinus Augmentation

A key to implant success is the quantity and quality of the bone where the implant is to be placed.Read More »

Extraction/bone grafting

In the case of severe gum disease or root fracture, teeth occasionally cannot be saved. Your periodontist and dentist will help determine which teeth are treatable, and which teeth need to be removed.Read More »

Hard Tissue Grafting

In instances when you have lost a tooth or teeth, the gum and bone begins to disappear leaving you with an indentation.Read More »

General Consult and Radiographs

Our first appointment with your periodontist is an information gathering session. It will begin with your doctor asking you about your medical history, your past and your current dental practices, your social history and oral hygiene routine.Read More »

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