Prevention and Maintenance

Prevention and Maintenance can be performed with or without local anaesthetic. The goal of the procedure is to remove as much of the calculus build up on the root surface as possible. Also, in the process, the damaged tissue is removed. The gum tissues usually respond by becoming less red and puffy and they tend to bleed much less. This can be a time and labour intensive treatment in some cases, as calculus can become firmly attached to the root. Once initial treatment is completed, regular appointments for scaling and root planning will help maintain and preserve the health of your gums. Your periodontist and specialist hygienist will help you with this process.

2a) Before Scaling and root planing. Note the red colour of the gums and the build-up of calculus around the teeth.
2b) Scaling and root planing was completed on the patient’s Right side, but not the left side. Notice the improvement in tissue shape, colour and reduction in build-up.

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